Zorana Radovic

Zorana Radovic has been writing about digital marketing for several years, and has a deep knowledge about the industry, as well as various strategies used within digital marketing. Zorana works as a freelance Content Marketing Specialist for eMarketing Institute.

How to Boost Conversions Using ChatBot

How to Boost Conversions Using ChatBot

Even though the internet has enabled businesses to reach people regardless of the location and the time of the day, still, a significant effort and investment is needed to be of service to the customers at any given moment. This is how chatbot became a great asset for companies dealing with customer support and inquiries

Mailing list

How to Segment a Mailing List?

Having in mind the astonishing effect of email marketing when it comes to efficiency and performance, with estimated ROI 38:1 (source), it’s safe to say that this is a strategy you want to keep developing and using to reach your audience.

Understanding Your Audience

In marketing, customer experience, or user experience is one of the most important metrics to help you evaluate the success of your strategy. The whole marketplace is focused on the users and how to provide an experience that is most relevant and most user-friendly.

How UX Affects SEO?

As much as SEO has been an important factor of website positioning since it directly helps with ranking and organic traffic, here’s another strategy that has started to directly influence SEO. It’s user experience (often abbreviated as UX). Over the years, understanding UX is more and more important as this has become an effective method to improve SEO.

Is Selling on Marketplaces for You

E-commerce is a type of business strategy that offers a lot of potential for people who are tech-savvy and love using the internet in the process of reaching online users. In our course on E-commerce, you can explore all those potentials of using the Internet to sell online. One of the strategies proposed in this course is selling on marketplaces.

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