Search Engine Marketing for beginners


Chapter content

1. Introduction

The introduction of this e-book is focused on defining search engine marketing and the most important terminology related to SEM, as well as the difference between SEO and PPC, and differences between white hat and black hat SEO. 

2. Search engines and marketing

In order to fully understand search engine marketing you have to learn how search engines work and how they index and position website, which you can all find out from the second chapter.

3. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is most commonly used PPC program for online advertising. In this chapter you will learn about types of search engine advertising and types of campaigns that can be organized with this program.

4. Google AdWords account

This chapter is focused on explaining how to set up Google AdWords account, including all of the settings and preferences, linking other accounts, managing access and generating reports.

5. Google AdWords Account Structure

Google AdWords account has a particular structure which you need to understand before you are able set up ads and run campaigns. In this chapter you will learn all about AdWords account structure.

6. Keywords

Keywords help you optimize your campaign and this chapter is focused on keyword recommendations, keyword matching types, how matching types are used in campaign settings, how to do a keyword research and take advantage of negative keywords.

7. Bidding and budget

Google AdWords uses complex system of auctioning to rank ads and to determine the costs of the campaign so you need to be aware how bidding and budget work inside campaign settings.

8. Quality score

Here you will find out what the quality score is, why it is so important and some major factors that influence the quality score.

9. Creating campaigns and ads

Once you know enough about Google AdWords, it is time to create a campaign and this chapter will guide you through the steps necessary to create campaigns and ads.

10. Optimization of the campaign

There are several methods to optimize the campaign in order to increase its performance, and here is where you can find out more about different ways and tools to help you optimize the campaign.

11. Campaign tracking

In this chapter you will find out what conversions are, how to monitor the campaign, and how to integrate Google Analytics to help you with campaign tracking.

12. Advertising with Bing / Yahoo! network

Besides Google, you can also use advertising through Bing / Yahoo! network. In this chapter you will read about creating account, the main features that are available, how to choose keywords, target ads and monitor the success of the campaign.

13. SEO

This chapter is focused on the topic of SEO with information about how SEO works, the elements of on-page and off-page SEO, link building, suggestions on how to improve positioning of the website and which SEO tools can help you with certain tasks in the process of optimization.

14. SEM and Other Types of Marketing

Here you will find out how search engine marketing is connected with social media marketing and email marketing.

15. Setting up SEM Strategy

This part of the e-book is going to help you with developing your own SEM strategy, by following steps necessary in this process which include establishing a plan, highlighting the goals, determining the resources, analyzing the market, choosing the media and the tools.

16. Analyzing the Efficiency of the SEM Strategy

The only way you can be sure that your strategy is efficient is by analyzing its performance in terms of visits, click through rate, the number of conversions and calculating ROI, which are all the topics covered in this section of the e-book.

17. Search Engine Marketing Glossary

The glossary contains all of the most important terms related to search engine marketing and it can always be used as a reference.

18. Sample Questions

Contains list of questions and their answers for exercise.

19. Conclusion

The conclusion of the e-book highlights the place of search engine marketing in modern business, as well as how to start with search engine marketing.

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