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Course materials

Course materials

Course overview

Email Marketing Course Overview

As the most powerful strategy for marketers in terms of ROI, email marketing is certainly an aspect of online marketing you need to explore, regardless if you are blogging to support your business, you have an e-commerce website or an affiliate blog. Still, it is important to understand that email marketing needs to be considered as a part of online marketing and it can benefit from different segments, from content marketing in particular.

The course will show you the basics of email marketing and what starting with email marketing really involves. You will then need to understand the types of emails and when they are used.

As the course continues, you will learn about the importance of a good mailing list. You will also learn what a good mailing list is, how to create one, how to update it and use segmentation to target your audience even better.

The next section analyzes email design and how each element can contribute to email campaign performance. Optimization of these elements, as well as the techniques for improving the performance, are all the aspects you should explore to ensure you get the best out of email marketing. Another segment that contributes to this success is email deliverability. You will learn what email deliverability is and how you can improve it with a series of tactics and optimization methods.

Analysis of email marketing campaigns provides a glimpse into what works for you and what does not. You will start by focusing on the relevant email marketing metrics, such as conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. Then you get to analyze each email element individually in the process of A/B testing. Hence, the chapter about A/B email campaign testing, with suggestions on how to run a test to get reliable results about your campaigns.

Lead nurturing as a strategy to strengthen your relationship with subscribers and use communication to build loyal following is the next topic you will discover in this course. You will learn what lead nurturing is and about helpful lead nurturing tactics. Stages of sales funnel are also mentioned in this section of the course.

Conversions occupy a very significant place in the email marketing performance, which is why this section of the course will help you understand the power of conversions and conversion tracking used to increase the number of conversions. Internet marketing tools can be helpful with this task, as well as with many other tasks related to email campaign management and monitoring.

Automation has found its application in email marketing as a powerful way to optimize email campaigns and reach subscribers at the particular moment. Using triggers helps with leveraging the power of email marketing automation, as well as having a consistent strategy, so explore this chapter to find out more about how email marketing automation can improve your efforts.

In the final chapter, the focus will be on mobile experience, and how email marketing needs to be optimized to provide seamless user experience to mobile users.

Chapter content

Chapter content

1. Introduction

To explain the role of email marketing in business, the introduction features a series of industry statistics that prove the widespread usage of email marketing, as well as the fact that this segment of online marketing drives the highest ROI for marketers.

2. Basics of Email Marketing

Understanding what email marketing is and that it needs to be considered a part of online marketing strategy to achieve its full potential are the initial concepts you need to be aware of. Starting out with email marketing involves a set of actions and planning, which are all subject of this chapter. All of this will enable you to follow the course with more success.

3. Types of Emails

Emails are a necessary part of your email marketing campaign, which is why it is important to know about different types. The basic division includes one-to-many emails and one-to-one emails, both of which have subtypes explained in this section with relevant examples.

4. Mailing List

The success of your email marketing is hugely dependent on the mailing list. In this section, you will learn best practices regarding mailing list creation, mailing list updates, and segmentation. Understanding that the subscribers are not all the same is going to make your email marketing successful. You will be able to recognize that different subscribers require a different approach. Segmentation of the subscribers will make your campaigns more relevant and more engaging.

5. How to Grow Your Mailing List?

Interestingly, up to 30% of your mailing list decays each year. To keep your number of subscriber on optimal level, and to keep growing your list despite of mailing list decay, you will need to use a set of strategies which are covered in this chapter.

6. How to Write an Email?

Besides the actual text, there are many things that create a compelling email copy, which is why this section of the course will be very helpful. Starting with email design, subject line optimization and different types of CTAs, to personalization techniques and localization, you will learn what makes a high-performing email.

7. Email Deliverability

Find out what email deliverability is, why it is important and how you can improve your email deliverability from this segment of the course. You will also learn about spam, and how to avoid being marked as spam.

8. Email Marketing Metrics

The analysis is essential for the success of any strategy. The same goes for email marketing. In this chapter, you will find relevant email marketing metrics, how they are calculated and what they indicate regarding your campaign performance. Exploring each of these metrics is a good way to learn more about your email campaigns and how they can be improved.

9. A/B Test of an Email Campaign

In this section, you will discover what A/B testing is, what you can test in email campaigns, and how to do A/B testing to make sure the obtained results are reliable and representative.

10. Lead Nurturing

In email marketing, lead nurturing has a very important role. It is a strategy that strengthens your relationship with the subscribers and builds your influence. Here, you will learn how to nurture leads and which strategies can be helpful to do so.

11. Increasing Conversions with Email Marketing

Starting with what a conversion is and how to track conversions, this section of the course will show you why conversion tracking is an important step in the process of increasing conversions. Several helpful tactics for increasing conversions with email marketing are also included here.

12. Email Marketing Tools

You will not be able to run a successful email campaign without the right tools. The primary feature of these tools is email campaign management, but they are actually much more than that because they help you integrate other internet marketing segments into it.

13. Email Marketing Automation

Learn what email marketing automation is, which emails you can automate and how to use triggers the right way, within this chapter. Email marketing automation strategy, as well as tips on when to use and when not to use automation are also a part of this chapter.

14. Email Mobile Marketing

Since mobile users will comprise a large percentage of your audience, you need to learn about mobile-friendly design when creating email marketing campaigns. This chapter shows you how an email should look on mobile devices and which aspects need to be optimized to improve the mobile user experience.

15. Email Marketing Glossary

Throughout the course, you will see terminology related to online marketing, and if there is something that needs further clarification, you will find the most important terms defined in this section of the course.

16. Questionnaire

You will revise this course and the key ideas using this multiple-choice questionnaire with 50 questions related to email marketing.

17. Conclusion

This section briefly summarizes the entire process, highlighting the importance of offering value, being consistent, testing your efforts, leveraging the power of mobile and focusing on good communication with the audience.

How to pass exam


How to pass exam

  • The pass score is 50%. There are 50 multiple choice questions in each exam. In order to get certified you need to answer correct on 25 out of 50 questions.
  • Time limit: 60 minutes.
  • The difficulty level of this course is: Beginners level.


What is the price of a certification?

Everything you find on eMarketing Institute is absolutely free. All our courses are 100% free. All our ebooks are 100% free. There are no hidden costs. There are no subscribtion fees.

How popular is eMarketing Institute?

It seems people really like free stuff. So far more than 80.000 happy students from more than 100 different countries have signed up for our free courses and have downloaded our free ebooks. According to Alexa Traffic Ranks, eMarketing Institute is among the top 1% most popular websites worldwide. We are very grateful for the support we have.

What do I get, when I sign up for a course?

You get a free ebook, which includes the full course material (all our ebooks are in HTML and PDF-format, and more than 150-pages of course materials) + you get permission to take a test. If you pass the test, you will get notified via email. You can then login to your account and download your professional certification, which can be found in PDF-format.

How difficult is it to pass the tests?

All our courses are beginners level. Even though the courses are beginners level, we advise, that you read the course material before taking your test. There are 50 questions in each exam. The passing score is 50%. The time limit is 60 minutes (i.e. 1 hour). This means, that you need to answer correct on at least 25 out of 50 questions, within 1 hour, in order to pass the test. The questions are multiple choice questions. Once you pass you can download your certification.

How many certifications can I take?

You can take as many certifications as you like. There is no limit. At the moment you can signup for any (or all) of these online marketing certification programs (all are 100% FREE):

Free Online Marketing Certification Course

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What do I do, if I don’t pass the test?

You can retake the test. It’s still 100% FREE.

What is the price of a retake test?

Each retake test is 100% FREE.

How many questions are there in a test?

The tests are beginners level, and you need to answer 50 multiple choice questions (Passing score: 50%. Time limit: 60 minutes).

How do I pass a test?

All our courses are beginners level. There are 50 questions in each exam. The questions are multiple choice questions, with either 3 or 4 different options. In order to get certified you need to answer correct on 25 out of 50 questions (Passing score: 50%. Time limit: 60 minutes). Once you pass the exam, you can download your certification.

To summarize: You need to answer correct on at least 50% of the questions. If you get less than 50%, you probably need to read your ebook one more time, and once you are ready to retake your exam, you login to your account, and try again.

Is there an expiration date for my certificate?

No. Once you pass your test, and receive your certificate, you are certified for life. For instance if do great on your exam, and thereby get your SEO Certification, get Web Analytics Certified or a Social Media Marketing Certification, then you have it, and we will not ask you to give it back to us, or remove it from your LinkedIn profile, CV or resume. Once you pass the test, the certification is yours to keep.

Why are all courses 100% free?

Great question! Think about this… How many people would have a Facebook profile, if it wasn’t free? How many people would do searches on Google if it wasn’t free? How many people would use Skype, if it wasn’t free? Did Facebook, Google and Skype do great, while being free? Yes. We also believe, that free stuff is great. That’s why, all our courses are 100% free.

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