17. Conclusion

Whether email marketing is an approach you are already using or something completely new to you, it still is one of the best ways to directly improve your business. As such, it is a type of online marketing that deserves a special place in each business plan. It is something that you should incorporate and use in your business. Let us summarize the entire process to show you the whole picture. 

It all starts with your website

You do not have any other legitimate way to obtain subscribers other than obtaining subscribers through your website. So, design your website that it perfectly presents your business, your values, the products and services you offer, etc. High-quality content has become a foundation of online marketing in general, so make sure your website is packed with high-quality, original content, regardless the form (text, video, image, etc.). This way you offer some value to your visitors and potential customers.

Then, offer even more value!

Since marketers have recognized the importance of content, it has become almost impossible to find a website that does not have a blog with content about the specific topic. Nowadays, this is not a good enough reason for someone to leave their email. You need that extra offer that is exclusively available to the subscribers. It can be anything your target group deems valuable – an ebook, a course, a free download, a coupon, a template, extra tips you share via email, etc.

Ready and start!

Next, we come to the actual process of creating an email and running a campaign. As you have seen from the previous chapters, there are a lot of things to consider before you even start your first email. Always have in mind the goal of your email, what you want to achieve. Also, remember that email is a communication between you as a business on one side and a potential customer on the other. Thus, make sure you stay professional. Optimize the email based on the best practices and guidelines and then find the perfect time to send it.

Entering the next phase

However, hitting that Send button is only a part of the job done. Next comes monitoring. Explore the influence of your campaign, track the progress and measure the results to make sure your goals are achieved.

This is followed by A/B testing, as yet another method of making your email campaign better and more effective. With this phase, you will also find guidelines to help you, but you should not forget the tools. Even if you did not want to use them for campaign management, which is actually something that could be holding you back, during the monitoring and testing you absolutely need tools to handle everything.

Going big, going mobile

As your business grows, and your mailing list grows with it as well, the email tasks you will need to handle daily will become too much of a burden, which is why you will need to seriously think about email marketing automation as a way out. Besides sharing the burden, automation can seriously improve your business and the relationship with the subscribers. You also need to think about mobile users along the way, as the number of those is growing each year.

Over and out

Finally, the cycle ends with a visitor becoming a customer. Through this email communication, you establish a bond, you develop a relationship, you gain trust. As a result, you achieve your business goals by selling your products and services.

You have started with a website, where the visitor was only starting to get to know you, then you gain a subscriber and eventually a customer. Even though the cycle ends here, it is far from over. First, you will need to repeat the cycle with each new visitor, and the more visitors you have, the more successful your business will become. Secondly, having a one-time customer does not mean it is all over. After this phase, you are entering the next phase where you are gaining a recurring customer. Email marketing is once again a method to help you keep recurring customers.

We have all witnessed the influence emails have on our daily life, and we all know this is the medium that continuously gives results. Even if you tried and stumbled, make sure you refine your approach, detect the obstacles that are holding you back, because email marketing is and should be the best way to directly communicate with online users, and eventually turn them into customers.

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