16. Conclusion

There is very little discrepancy in the opinions of web gurus, marketing pundits and savvy entrepreneurs regarding the efficacy of web analytics. The procedure itself and its advantages have the power to benefit a website immensely because from a bird’s eye view, web analytics is a culmination of all these fields mentioned above. 

It takes into account the bottom line of a business, something that entrepreneurs watch very closely. It revolutionizes the way online marketing strategies are designed, a concept close to heart for marketing pundits, and it leverages the strengths of the internet, the ultimate pride of web gurus. When explained this way, no business owner or manager can refute the many advantages that come in tow of web analytics.

This book is a detailed literature of the same. From start to finish, web analytics has been discussed in great depth by associating its principles with those that are the most used and heard of in the business world. Such an approach makes it possible for small and large business websites, alike, to adopt analytics as a complete business field, instead of an online fad.

The biggest aim and goal is to build a customer-centric business. The same can be translated into a user-oriented website for an online business. However, just like market research gives the insights needed to put the customer in the center of all activities, web analytics digs into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of turning an online platform into one of the biggest strengths of the business.

The future of web analytics is anything but bleak. As the importance of targeting online traffic increases, so does the rationale of having a functional website that not only attracts enough traffic, but also changes potential leads into customers. The need to revolutionize a physical business and its processes is still at its peak. And the answer is to use smart web analytics.

Another trend that supports the field of web analytics ferociously is that of cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Nothing points out improvement areas like a detailed analysis of your website. After all, you are spending big bucks keeping a website operational and running, aren’t you?

Marketing a website also requires a lot of money. In the face of budget constraints and intense marketing campaigns being run by your competitors, a business is in a fix. It cannot reduce the online marketing budget because it will be left behind. However, it cannot spend thousands of dollars on marketing, and that too without knowing which search engines to market and spend on!

In light of these marketing requirements, web analytics has taken an all, new meaning. It points out the engines a website is most visited from, thus giving cues for a business to market on these. Moreover, it also details the types of marketing strategies to focus on because different demographics are attracted to different types of marketing.

From being an optional exercise, analytics has turned into one of the most sought after professional services of the decade.

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