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Chapter 4: Mailing List

4. Mailing List We have mentioned a mailing list several times so far, and it is time to dive into this topic. Although you probably know what a mailing list is, there are many things to know about it that could help your campaign.  Definition of a mailing list A mailing list is a list …

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Chapter 7: Email Deliverability

7. Email Deliverability What is email deliverability? Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. It basically is the likelihood of your campaign reaching people (existing or potential customers) through email marketing.  As the most used method to reach online users, with a huge ROI and conversion rate, email marketing offers a …

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction Over the past two decades, a lot has changed. The technology has advanced so far, that it has opened up completely new horizons. In terms of business, this means more opportunities and more ways to reach consumers.  Online marketing is now a part of our reality, always included in the business plan, as …

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Chapter 3: Types of Emails

3. Types of Emails Companies send a lot of emails each day, about all sorts of different topics. Some may share the latest blog update, some might announce huge discounts, etc. Of course, each of these emails has a different purpose, which is how we can differentiate between several types of emails. There is no …

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Chapter 10: Lead Nurturing

10. Lead Nurturing Email marketing is so much more than sending email updates. The focus of email marketing is and should always be communication with the subscribers. The goal should be to establish a good relationship and to keep it fresh through regular communication.  In terms of online marketing and sales, a lead is a …

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