Most Desired Digital Marketing skills for 2016

Why You Need Digital Marketing Service?

Digital marketing is a very different kind of profession than any tech job. It requires more strategic than technical knowledge. In this tech world, digital marketing has become not only a trending concept among startups and big service providers but also biggest job providers like programming as well.

Digital marketing is a very different kind of profession than any tech job. It requires more strategic than technical knowledge. In this tech world, digital marketing has become not only a trending concept among startups and big service providers but also biggest job providers like programming as well. The best part here is programming jobs that can be taken over by robots in the future, but in digital marketing case, there is no chance at all.

Why You Need Digital Marketing Service?

Suppose you have made an eCommerce website and you want to sell something, though without proper advertisement, you can’t sell a penny of service. Through digital marketing, you can easily reach all over the world with a few clicks; you also don’t need to go door to door to sell anything.

I can see and say future of digital marketing is very bright. Many studies explained that digital marketing will be the one of the most demanding careers, if you Want A Job With Great Work-Life Balance? Choose A Career In Digital Marketing.

Today, we can say digital Marketing has become one of the most promising career choices among others. But being a less technical doesn’t mean it’s one of the easiest job on a planet. You surely need to learn few demanding Digital marketing skills that have become necessary today, If you really want to be a skillful digital marketer. There are many ways that you can choose for perfect digital marketing. But, first of all, you need a proper understanding of digital marketing concept.

Digital Marketing Concept:

Digital marketing is a bundle of those techniques which you can use according to your need to sell something new to the world. To become a successful digital marketer, you need to have proper knowledge of all the social media channels, how people interact with each other. Finding the right buyer that you can easily target your service at the right time with a right deal is all about digital marketing.

The Irony here is that a few years ago concept of digital marketing didn’t even exist.

Now let’s explore the Ocean of demanding digital marketing skills that you need to succeed:

1.    Social Media: Main Digital Marketing Platform

When social media was just started out, nobody thought that it will become the backbone of digital marketing. Yahoo, Google and Facebook all were created to connect people around the world and to share information, but the mind of human being turns these platforms into their own good. Now, they are the leading digital marketing platforms. And with the arrival of new social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and snapchat whose main market are the youth around the world has forced all the new as well as well established companies to focus on social media channels.

Now the question is as a digital marketer how you will implement your digital marketing skills?

There are 2 types of social media services:

1.    Paid Advertisement.

2.    Unpaid Advertisement.

Understanding of Paid and Unpaid Social Media Advertisement

Among all social media platforms, Facebook leads the race in paid as well as unpaid advertisement. Companies are spending too much time and money on connecting the potential buyers.

Many methods can be used to target, one is by organizing a contest on social media. The Main motto of social media is you have to give a lot of efforts in order to gain something for a long period of time. This concludes in this paid advertisement technique.

According to this USA Today report from 2016, $25 billion will be spent on paid advertisement and has an active 3M advertiser only on Facebook.

Here I’m pointing out few common skills that you need if you want to use Facebook as your main digital marketing platform:

•    Knowledge of Facebook analytic tool “Facebook Insights” •    Use engaging content and Creative Images. •    Reach the right audience using “Reach” tab. •    Search Facebook Group. •    Don’t ignore “Power Editor” feature.

These are just the bucket of water out of whole Ocean.

2.    Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is another paid advertisement concept of digital marketing. Proper usage and right email marketing tool, you can reach thousand of audience easily. It is not an alien concept in the world of marketing, but in today’s market, it has become one of the important digital marketing techniques which you just don’t want to ignore.

So with good knowledge of this email marketing concept, you can enhance your move to the next level for becoming the skillful digital marketer.

Always remember to use the right email marketing tool that offers a wide range of features to reach targeted emails that you have stored in your database for sending out all the discounted or freebies campaigns to customers. . For business owners, this is a powerful digital marketing technique to reach your potential buyers and keep them updated with current trends and the offers you have for them.

So, don’t forget to add this digital marketing skill that works wonders.

3.    Content Marketing

You must have heard the fact that says “Content is King”. For any website, content is the main source of establishing your business. If you are showing unique, valuable content to your viewers then you will easily get the love of all search engines. Now the thing is you can easily get the content you need, there are so many content writers out there as well as a content creation tool that you can easily create the content that easily sell.

Here comes the part of marketing, how you will sell your content, how you will implement your digital marketing skills to sell your content to the world. This concept is known as Content Marketing.

Content Marketing can be started by creating your own blog. Write content related to your website.

One thing you always need to remember that you’re unique content should reflect your brand specialty, nothing else.

Not only blogs and articles, there are many other things you can add in your content marketing like Infographics, eBooks, Images, Gifs, Slide Shares, PDF’s etc.

4.    PPC Advertisement

Call it PPC or pay per click, this type of advertisement is still an alien concept to many entrepreneurs. Organizations don’t even touch this type of marketing. They have this myth that this will create a bad name for their brand.

Main reasons for avoiding this type of advertisement are it require a certain budget to get started, you have to spend a lot for implementing this PPC marketing.  Even after spending, there is no guarantee that it will give you high conversions that you were expecting.

But you can’t underestimate the power of PPC; it is still a great source for getting more visitors and brand advertisement.

All you need is a few bucks to spend and your brand ad will appear on the top of the Google page. Whenever visitors click your brand you pay. This way you get a chance of selling your stuff easily. It is the easiest way to get traffic to your website.

After understanding and implementing PPC, you can add this digital marketing skill into your resume.

Want to go deep into the concept of PPC? Then SearchEngineWatch has mentioned a few ideas for PPC Pros that may benefit you in your web projects.

Example of PPC


Now the question is, how can you use your digital marketing skills to implement this PPC advertisement.

Set your time zone and currency preferences. Pay the Price for your PPC Campaign.

With these few clicks, you are ready to set up your PPC advertisement. Good Luck.

5.    SEO “Let’s Go Organic Way”

Now we have discussed an inorganic way (PPC) of digital marketing, but you can’t call yourself an expert digital marketer without complete knowledge of Organic SEO (Learn more about Search Engine Optimization with this SEO Glossary). It is actually a real test for any digital marketer how he/she can take any website to the top of the search engine or page.

Everybody wants to reach the top position, even your website deserves to be on top if your website’s contains all elements like unique content, mobile friendliness, proper URL structure etc.

A huge part of SEO’s is connected with content marketing.

SEO offers two different concepts: OnpageSEO and Offpage SEO.

Without going deep into a concept of Offpage SEO and Onpage SEO, I would like to give you a perfect advice by a SEO expert who has years of experience in the field of SEO and organic search and research.

Matt Cutts advice on what SEO really is?

emarketinginstituteThere are many other factors you need to understand when you implement any SEO campaign for any website Like “Google Algorithms”. As a SEO expert you need to have the complete knowledge of all Google algorithms. A simple change in any algorithm can boost your page rank as well as degrade your web page ranking. There are many algorithms that are currently running to check many different aspects of any website link. Google has Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and the latest one Mobielgeddon. These algorithms check link quality, spam, content quality and many other important things. So your website must pass the parameter of these Google algorithms.

Onpage SEO: Onpage SEO is all about setting your website in a proper way like page titles, Meta tags/descriptions, internal linking etc.

Offpage SEO: Offpage is all about building the trust of your website by implementing various things like Social media campaign, article submission, forum discussion and content marketing etc.

With this type of digital marketing skill you can easily take any website to the Top of any search engine.

And remember one thing, if anybody asks you a question “Is SEO DEAD?” then always give this answer “SEO is not DEAD and will never Die”.

Learning digital marketing skill like SEO, will completely boost your overall marketing knowledge.

Wrapping it Up

All I can say in the end that Since becoming an expert in all these digital marketing skills you need proper practical knowledge, mere understanding is not all you need, you must need to implement those marketing techniques in your present or future SEO projects.

I’m not saying these 5 digital marketing skills are the ones you need to get a job as a digital marketer, there are few other skills which you can easily learn like “Video Marketing” it is same like content marketing, mobile marketing. Even you can utilize various paid as well as an unpaid tool like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Twitter analytics and more important Google analytics.

So do not waste your time and take your right step to becoming a digital marketing expert. Expertise in all these digital marketing skills and earn a high reputation for yourself and your SEO projects in terms of search engines and also in the eyes of your boss.

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