15. Questionnaire


1. Content marketing is focused on:
a) Creating and distributing content that directly or indirectly promotes your business 
b) Creating and distributing video files exclusively
c) Creating and managing a WordPress blog
d) Distributing third-party online materials

2. What do you need to think about when creating content?
a) Organic and paid reach
b) Search engine result pages
c) Social media marketing
d) Audience and niche

3. Which of these is a type of written content?
a) Podcast
b) Ebook
c) Infographic
d) Live chat

4. When writing content, you should think about:
a) Writing for both the people and the search engines
b) Writing only posts that have more than 1000 words
c) The data from the Google AdWords
d) Social media guidelines

5. When using images, it is important to:
a) Make your own photos
b) Have the permission to use the image
c) The image is irrelevant but funny
d) Use only images downloaded for free

6. What are keywords?
a) Headers and titles on the blog
b) Words used for the infographic
c) Words or phrases that are associated with the website and its content
d) Irrelevant terms that are part of visual representations

7. One of the most common references in content marketing is Bill Gates’s essay titled:
a) Content is Dead
b) Content is the King
c) Content is the Future
d) Content is Old News

8. The statistics show that:
a) Visual aspect boosts the performance of content
b) SEO is a part of content marketing
c) Shorter articles perform better
d) Companies that use content marketing do not have good results

9. Online marketing is also called:
a) Internet marketing
b) Social media marketing
c) Content marketing
d) Email marketing

10. A CTA is a link that can be displayed as:
a) A goal
b) An image or a text
c) A tool
d) A landing page and a lead

11. How are content marketing and SEO connected?
a) SEO uses content to increase organic reach
b) Content is used in paid advertising only
c) Content marketing promotes your brand on social media
d) They are not connected

12. An infographic is:
a) An audio representation of the data
b) A visual representation of the data
c) A written type of content
d) The most commonly used type of visual content

13. Which of these is a type of blog post?
a) Newsletter
b) Graphic
c) List
d) Live chat

14. Successful content creation strategy requires:
a) Content that is written for search engines only
b) Using guest blogging as a preferred method
c) Using only one type of content
d) Content to be up-to-date and relevant to your target group

15. The success of the email marketing campaign is based on:
a) The number of social media users and skillfulness to communicate the message
b) The quality of the mailing list and content that is shared through email campaigns
c) The quality of the mailing list and the SEO
d) The bounce rate and click-through rate

16. An influencer is:
a) A person who is proficient with using Google AdWords
b) A competitor
c) A person who is an expert in the industry with a loyal fan base
d) A person who is working for the company

17. To make sure your social media post gains as much as visibility as possible you should:
a) Post every day at the same time
b) Not include visual elements into the post
c) Not share too many posts at the same time
d) Post at generally recommended time for posting on social media

18. Which of these is a channel for content distribution?
a) Social media
b) Google Analytics
c) Bounce rate
d) Landing page

19. What is the first step in starting with influencer marketing?
a) Rank the influencers
b) Identify the influencers
c) Get in touch with the influencer
d) Boost sales

20. What is a conversion?
a) Links to the internal website pages
b) Landing page that contains a CTA
c) The number of users who visited a single page on your website
d) A desired action you want website visitors to complete

21. What is a bounce rate?
a) Links to the home page
b) The time one user spends on your website
c) The number of users who visited a single page on your website
d) The number of unique visitors

22. How can you monitor content performance metrics in Google Analytics?
a) Using goals and advanced segments
b) Using bounce rate and landing page
c) Using shortening service
d) Using the CTA

23. A popular community for content distribution is:
a) Quora
b) Delicious
c) Twitter
d) Influencer

24. Which of these are paid advertising methods for distribution of content?
a) Search engine ads and social network advertising
b) Google AdWords and Google Analytics
c) Email campaign
d) Search engine ads and email campaigns

25. How can you calculate the conversion rate?
a) (Number of unique visitors ÷ Number of visits) * 100
b) (Number of people who completed the desired action ÷ Number of visits) * 100
c) (Average session duration ÷ Number of visits) * 100
d) (Page views ÷ Number of visits) * 100

26. Quality digital content is:
a) Short and concise
b) Relevant, shareable and engaging
c) Entertaining and short-lived
d) Broken into segments without any visual elements

27. What is niche?
a) A topic you are focused on which also corresponds to the target group interests
b) A type of influencer marketing
c) A method in the process of content distribution
d) Organic reach

28. What does content distribution represent?
a) The best way to generate ROI
b) The high-quality content
c) The process of delivering content to the online users
d) The process of tagging content

29. Knowing about your audience when creating content helps you to:
a) Create SEO friendly content
b) Predict what kind of content they would need
c) Distribute content on social media
d) Use affiliate marketing

30. What problem might occur with content syndication?
a) Duplicate content
b) Content distribution
c) Authority
d) Guest blogging

31. Content marketing metrics allow you:
a) To increase the influence of your brand
b) The chance to obtain feedback from the online community
c) To gain authority by providing content that offers value
d) To assess your content marketing strategy

32. Which of these are content creation tactics?
a) Social media and email
b) Bounce rate and page views
c) Attention grabbers and storytelling
d) Advanced segments and goals

33. What are the benefits of accepting guest posts on your blog?
a) Duplicate content and content management
b) Increasing sales and leads
c) Getting the pages indexed and shown in the search results
d) Keeping your blog active and fresh

34. SEM refers to:
a) Social media reach
b) Social media engagement
c) Search engine marketing
d) Search engine optimization

35. Which of these can be used to monitor metrics relevant for content marketing?
a) Goals and segments in Google Analytics
b) Content distribution channels
c) Target group
d) Attention grabbers and storytelling

36. What is the top challenge in content marketing?
a) Producing engaging content
b) Paid promotion
c) Content distribution
d) Email campaign

37. Influencer marketing is focused on:
a) Social media marketing
b) Working with influential individuals on content creation projects
c) Gaining visibility in search engine result pages
d) Using both organic and paid reach in SERP

38. Unique visits is a metric indicating:
a) The total number of times one visitor visits the website
b) The total number of visitors who visit the website for the first time
c) The total number of pages that the users have clicked on
d) The average number of pages visited per one visit

39. Which of these is a benefit of content marketing?
a) Producing content consistently
b) Producing engaging content
c) Lead generation
d) Content management

40. How to avoid duplicate content with content syndication?
a) Use guest blogging guidelines
b) Use rel=canonical and NoIndex tags
c) Use the HTML code
d) Work with authority websites

41. What are the benefits of working with the influencers?
a) Expanding reach and increasing the influence
b) Content management
c) Producing engaging content
d) Ranking the influencers

42. Why is email marketing the most important distribution channel?
a) It is the best way to reach new customers
b) It is the easiest strategy
c) It delivers the highest ROI
d) It helps with lead generation

43. What is a CMS?
a) Content media strategy
b) Content management system
c) Content marketing strategy
d) Content management strategy

44. An SEO friendly URL is:
a) Long
b) Full of unusual symbols
c) Complex and long
d) Readable and short

45. Which of these is a practice to avoid when optimizing content?
a) Adding headings
b) Image optimization
c) Alt text
d) Over-optimization

46. The main advantage of using paid advertising in content distribution is because:
a) It is the cheapest way to reach new leads
b) It helps with social media influence
c) It is fast and easy to manage
d) It increases organic reach

47. Which of these is considered over-optimization?
a) Website comments
b) Placing too many keywords in the footer
c) Video optimization
d) Alt text

48. What does image optimization include?
a) Resizing the images and using alt text
b) Placing keywords in the footer of the website
c) Over-optimization
d) Editing and proofreading

49. What are some of the goals you can achieve through content marketing?
a) Optimize the website
b) Get more visits and increase leads
c) Work with competitors
d) Explore social media metrics

50. Why should you analyze the source of visits on your website?
a) To optimize images and video
b) To use the CTA on the landing page
c) To gain reputation
d) To compare them and determine which distribution strategy brings success


  1. a
  2. d
  3. b
  4. a
  5. b
  6. c
  7. b
  8. a
  9. a
  10. b
  11. a
  12. b
  13. c
  14. d
  15. b
  16. c
  17. c
  18. a
  19. b
  20. d
  21. c
  22. a
  23. a
  24. a
  25. b
  26. b
  27. a
  28. c
  29. b
  30. a
  31. d
  32. c
  33. d
  34. c
  35. a
  36. a
  37. b
  38. b
  39. c
  40. b
  41. a
  42. c
  43. b
  44. d
  45. d
  46. c
  47. b
  48. a
  49. b
  50. d

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