16. Questionnaire


1. What are the benefits of affiliate marketing for merchants?
a) Paying for performance
b) No need to stock products
c) Browser cookies
d) No handling and shipping

2. What can affect determining commissions for an affiliate program?
a) Cookie life
b) Industry standards
c) Terms and conditions
d) Monthly traffic

3. Affiliate marketing is a type of: 
a) Platform-based marketing
b) Performance-based marketing
c) Click-based marketing
d) Optimization-based marketing

4. Which goals can merchants achieve with affiliate marketing?
a) Increase in sales
b) Activation promo
c) Landing page creation
d) Increase in cookie life

5. What assists the creation, management, and control of the affiliate program?
a) Affiliate marketing
b) Affiliate creatives
c) Affiliate link
d) Affiliate software and/or network

6. What regulates an affiliate program?
a) Cookie life
b) Industry standards
c) Terms and conditions
d) Performance

7. Which of these is KPI in affiliate marketing?
a) Sale
b) Comment
c) Email
d) Like

8. Who sets up an affiliate program?
a) A digital buyer
b) An affiliate
c) A merchant
d) A publisher

9. What do affiliate creatives include?
a) Creative materials for merchant’s promotion such as banners, images, etc.
b) Creative materials created by affiliates
c) Affiliate software
d) Affiliate network

10. How do affiliates earn their commission?
a) Based on the achieved conversions
b) Based on their niche
c) With page rank
d) Through search engines

11. Which of these is a type of email in automated communication?
a) Feedback email
b) Response to a question
c) Welcome email
d) Response to a comment

12. Pay per action compensation model includes:
a) Pay per sale and pay per mile
b) Pay per click and pay per call
c) Pay per click and pay per mile
d) Pay per call and pay per install

13. What are some of the reasons for choosing a particular affiliate program?
a) Relevancy of the product
b) Commission rates
c) Cookie life
d) All of the above

14. What are the platforms commonly used for the promotion of affiliate links?
a) Website and social media
b) Niche
c) Payment methods
d) Commission rates

15. The main role of key performance indicators (KPIs) is to:
a) Manage an affiliate program
b) Demonstrate success in achieving business goals
c) Increase brand exposure
d) Encourage more affiliates to join the program

16. What affects merchant’s ability to convert the visitors referred by the affiliates?
a) Sale
b) Landing page
c) Affiliate program
d) Irrelevant traffic

17. What are the benefits of affiliate marketing for affiliates?
a) Inbound links
b) Lead generation
c) Possibility to earn money all the time
d) Traffic increase

18. What are the characteristics of good communication with affiliates?
a) Personalization and timeliness
b) Scheduling and using mass email option
c) New announcement email
d) A responsive website

19. Which of these are the type of affiliates that merchant’s want to award and keep?
a) Beginners
b) Regular affiliates
c) Super affiliates
d) Fraudulent affiliates

20. What is the benefit of joining an affiliate network for merchants?
a) Instant access to numerous programs available on the network
b) No fees and other costs
c) Engaging and quality content
d) Reporting features that help you analyze the performance of the campaigns

21. For PPS compensation model in affiliate marketing, the goal is:
a) Social media
b) Sale
c) Share
d) Call

22. Which of these is an affiliate marketing strategy for merchants?
a) Product mention
b) Product review
c) Affiliate program manager
d) Banner

23. When creating an application form, merchants should mark one of these fields as required. Which one?
a) Affiliate program description
b) Affiliate’s websites URL
c) Cookie life
d) Email templates

24. What are the reasons for a transaction being considered void?
a) 14-day free trial period
b) Canceled order or returned product
c) Using several compensation models
d) Too long cookie life

25. What can merchants use to promote their affiliate program?
a) Affiliate network and social media
b) Conversions
c) Affiliate networks and commissions
d) Void transactions

26. Which of these can be used by affiliates to promote affiliate links?
a) Affiliate software
b) Affiliate software and conversions
c) Social media and blog
d) The number of clicks and conversions

27. Affiliate marketing has an important role in:
a) Email
b) E-commerce
c) E-book
d) Efficiency

28. Affiliate’s performance is tracked through:
a) Affiliate links
b) Link building
c) Link neighborhood
d) Social shares

29. What does cookie stuffing do?
a) It overwrites the cookies of the other affiliates.
b) It hides an affiliate link in the footer.
c) It uses a trademark.
d) It pays a fee to join a program.

30. What best defines digital buyers nowadays?
a) They do not like buying online.
b) They avoid clicking on affiliate links.
c) They do not read product reviews.
d) They like to explore the products before buying.

31. Which of these is an affiliate marketing strategy for affiliates?
a) Affiliate program page
b) Affiliate program manager
c) Landing page
d) Product review

32. How can the clicks on the affiliate links be tracked?
a) Using link building
b) Using cookies which are placed in the user’s browser
c) Using KPIs
d) Using the application on merchant’s website

33. What determines the time interval during which the cookies stay in the browser?
a) Cookie stuffing
b) Cookie links
c) Cookie life
d) Cookie software

34. Affiliate marketing is a part of:
a) Email marketing
b) Social media marketing
c) Influencer marketing
d) Online marketing

35. How to detect fraudulent affiliates?
a) Use paid ads for search engine campaigns
b) Enable short cookie life
c) Automatically approve affiliates
d) Check affiliates’ sites and communicate with them regularly

36. What is the central point of an affiliate program?
a) The affiliate links
b) The product the merchant is interested in selling
c) Full control over commission rates and promo materials
d) Social media marketing

37. How can merchants use email marketing to grow their affiliate marketing performance?
a) Include affiliate links as a part of promo email
b) Recruit affiliates from their subscribers’ list
c) Use an app to schedule social media posts and emails
d) Use different formatting options to mark affiliate links

38. Which of these should be defined in the affiliate program’s terms of service?
a) Valid and void transactions
b) Affiliate commissions
c) Campaign budget
d) KPIs

39. Besides increasing sales, which of these can be a goal of an affiliate program?
a) Affiliate program description
b) Lead generation
c) Promo materials
d) Affiliate links

40. What is a conversion?
a) Commission
b) Banner
c) A desired action
d) The number of affiliates

41. Which of these is a reason for approving or rejecting a potential affiliate?
a) The number of affiliates
b) Average number of visits on the affiliate’s website and affiliate’s strategy
c) Affiliate program description
d) Welcome email and news announcement email

42. When using product review strategy, the affiliate should:
a) Clear his or her cookies from the browser
b) Describe the product and its features, highlight the benefits, and provide images
c) Mention the product at the end of the unrelated post
d) Use banner as a way to promote the product

43. What is the benefit of joining an affiliate network for affiliates?
a) Instant access to numerous programs available on the network
b) Instant exposure of your program to the affiliates who are already part of the network
c) Engaging and quality content
d) Low fees for joining as an affiliate

44. The person who joins the network to create and publish an affiliate program is also known as:
a) Publisher
b) Affiliate
c) Merchant
d) Webmaster

45. What does each affiliate software have?
a) Affiliate network
b) Affiliate marketing
c) Admin panel and affiliate panel
d) Transaction fees

46. Which of this provides affiliate program exposure in the online community of affiliates?
a) Affiliate software
b) Affiliate network
c) Affiliate marketing
d) Affiliate manager

47. What does it mean when the affiliate software is hosted?
a) Merchants have to install the software on their website
b) Merchants need technical skills to integrate the software
c) Affiliate software is not able to track global campaigns
d) Affiliate software is available on the server of the company providing the server

48. The person who joins the network to apply for the available affiliate programs is also known as:
a) Publisher
b) Merchant
c) Advertiser
d) Webmaster

49. If you enable automatic approval of affiliates, you should:
a) Leave a contact email
b) Regularly monitor the application
c) Avoid using automated options
d) Have terms of service document

50. Which of these tactics can be used to motivate the affiliates?
a) Promoting the program in search engine ads
b) Cookie stuffing and trademark poaching
c) Awarding outstanding performance and having good communication
d) Checking affiliates’ websites regularly


  1. a
  2. b
  3. b
  4. a
  5. d
  6. c
  7. a
  8. c
  9. a
  10. a
  11. c
  12. d
  13. d
  14. a
  15. b
  16. b
  17. c
  18. a
  19. c
  20. d
  21. b
  22. c
  23. b
  24. b
  25. a
  26. c
  27. b
  28. a
  29. a
  30. d
  31. d
  32. b
  33. c
  34. d
  35. d
  36. b
  37. b
  38. a
  39. b
  40. c
  41. b
  42. b
  43. a
  44. c
  45. c
  46. b
  47. d
  48. a
  49. b
  50. c

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