18. Making Money Online Questionnaire


1. Which of these tasks can help you stay organized?
a) Working online
b) Creating daily to-do lists
c) Communication
d) Having a 9 to 5 job

2. Which of these skills means that you are good at solving problems?
a) Resourcefulness
b) Communication
c) Organization
d) Optimism

3. Which of these are benefits of working online?
a) Flexibility
b) Lifelong learning
c) Higher productivity
d) All of the above

4. Why is determining long-term goals important when starting out with online work?
a) It will help you organize everything more successfully.
b) It will help you register your business.
c) You will have more success in staying independent.
d) You will not need to use payment gateway.

5. What is the benefit of selling digital products?
a) They are more expensive than physical products.
b) There are many platforms to promote them.
c) You can reach customers worldwide.
d) You can create your online shop.

6. When do you need website hosting and domain?
a) When you want to join a marketplace.
b) When you want to create a social media profile.
c) When you want to create your webshop.
d) All of the above.

7.Which of these is a marketplace to sell products online?
a) ePay
b) eBay
c) eBook
d) eCommerce

8. What is the principal requirement when starting to sell through a marketplace?
a) Having a website
b) Having your webshop
c) Registering for an account
d) Paying a deposit

9. Which of these platforms enables you to sell photos?
a) Shutterstock
b) CD Baby
c) TuneCore
d) Spotify

10. What is the benefit of having a webshop as opposed to selling through online marketplaces?
a) Flexibility
b) Customization option
c) Possibility for growing your business
d) All of the above

11. How does the online shopping process work? Which are the three elements a shopper must go through?
a) Shopping cart, social networks and landing page
b) Shopping cart, checkout, and webshop
c) Checkout, email, and social networks
d) Shopping cart, checkout and payment gateway

12. Why are freelancing platforms a good start for freelancers?
a) They offer no consistent work.
b) They offer tools to advertise your webshop.
c) They already have a large database on employers posting jobs.
d) They do not require any payment from freelancers.

13. Which of these freelancing platforms is known as a $5 platform?
a) Fiverr
b) Upwork
c) Freelancer
d) People Per Hour

14. Where can you promote an online shop?
a) On social networks
b) In search engines
c) In emails
d) All of the above

15. What is the purpose of using visual elements on a product page?
a) Create categories
b) Increase engagement level
c) Feature paid ads
d) Improve search engine advertising

16. One way to directly promote your webshop to the online users is through:
a) Social networks
b) Long-tail keywords
c) Optimization
d) Heading tag

17. When you start freelancing, it is recommended that you:
a) Create an online profile
b) Choose a niche
c) Determine the target clients
d) All of the above

18. What do you need to consider when setting up your hourly rates as a freelancer?
a) Industry standards
b) Optimization tools
c) Online profile
d) All of the above

19. Which of these could be featured as a part of the product page:
a) Social followers
b) Online profile
c) Frequently asked questions with answers
d) Mailing list

20. How can influencers earn money online?
a) They get opportunities to work with brands.
b) They get opportunities to participate in workshops.
c) They can use affiliate links.
d) All of the above.

21. Those who monetize their online presence with affiliate links are called:
a) Merchants
b) Affiliates
c) Advertisers
d) Search engines

22. Which of these blog monetization methods relies on the use of dynamic ads?
a) Sponsored post
b) Affiliate link
c) AdSense
d) All of the above

23. The main advantage of dropshipping is:
a) The fact that you do not store any supplies
b) Low profit margins
c) No possibility for branding
d) The fact that you depend on the specific location

24. Which element of SEO helps you optimize a product page:
a) Keywords (branded, regular and long-tail keywords)
b) Online marketplace
c) Frequently asked questions with answers
d) Mailing list

25. Which of these can be used to assess if someone is an influencer?
a) The number of hired freelancers
b) The level of interaction with followers
c) Search engine ads
d) The number of social media followers on Instagram

26. What is the advantage of teaching online classes?
a) A limited number of hours
b) Customization of the program per student
c) Flexible hours
d) Time for preparation

27. Which of these platforms is used for creating online courses?
a) Skype
b) Zoom
c) Udemy
d) All of the above

28. Who is a freelancer?
a) A person who has three or more jobs.
b) An independent contractor.
c) A person who sells online.
d) An unemployed person.

29. One of the advantages of being a freelancer is:
a) No consistent work
b) No sick leave
c) Flexible hours
d) Relying on your reputation

30. What are the common ways to monetize a blog?
a) Displaying banners
b) Using AdSense
c) Featuring affiliate links
d) All of the above

31. Which of these platforms help you rent a property online?
a) 99design
b) Fiverr
c) Swagbucks
d) AirBNB

32. What is the essential thing you will need to start a blog?
a) Blog name
b) Social media profile
c) Blogging community
d) Mailing list

33. Which of these is a part of blog optimization?
a) Lead magnets
b) Keyword optimization
c) Search engine advertising
d) Monetization

34. What is the drawback of being a freelancer?
a) No consistent work
b) Independence
c) Flexible hours
d) All of the above

35. Influencer marketing relies on using:
a) Social media marketing tools to promote a brand
b) Search engine advertising and AdSense
c) The influence of an individual to promote a brand or business
d) The freelancers to work independently

36. What is the requirement to enable YouTube monetization program?
a) Having 40 watch hours in the previous month and 10 subscribers
b) Having 400 watch hours in the previous month and 10 subscribers
c) Having 400 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 100 subscribers
d) Having 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers

37. How can merchants track the sales in affiliate marketing?
a) Using affiliate banners
b) By tracking the performance of the link building
c) Using affiliate links
d) Using social media insights

38. One of the conditions based on which merchants choose affiliates is:
a) The target group of the affiliate
b) Affiliate links
c) Affiliate program
d) Social media profile of the affiliate

39. Which of these can be used to customize a YouTube channel?
a) Channel art
b) Channel icon
c) Channel description
d) All of the above

40. Which of these types of ads on YouTube includes a semi-transparent box displayed over 20% of a video?
a) Display ad
b) Overlay ad
c) Skippable video ad
d) Bumper ad

41. Which of these monetization strategies can be used to make money on YouTube?
a) Working with brands
b) Sponsored posts
c) Search engine ads
d) All of the above

42. Which software can be used for teaching classes online?
a) Skype
b) WordPress
c) Quora
d) JoomlaLMS

43. Which of these is a signal that something might be a scam?
a) Long-tail keywords
b) Affiliate links
c) Vague job description
d) Paid online surveys

44. Which of these is software for writing, editing and formatting text?
a) Zoom
b) Smashwords
c) LinkedIn
d) Google Docs

45. Which of these is a website service that pays for completing online surveys?
a) Toluna
b) DietBet
c) ReceiptPal
d) Squadhelp

46. Why is it important to always provide value when working online?
a) Because your reputation depends on it
b) To improve your communication skill
c) Because you are a resourceful person
d) To stay informed

47. What is the document that helps you regulate your business, determine obligations and rights.
a) Online shop
b) Moodle
c) Terms of Service
d) Customer support

48. What are the best practices when working online?
a) Learning how to communicate
b) Providing value
c) Building a reputation
d) All of the above

49. What is the drawback of publishing your work independently?
a) You will have more creative freedom.
b) You will have a lot of flexibility.
c) You will have limited promotion options.
d) You will have to take care of online promotion of your work.

50. What is one of the disadvantages of using a hosted solution for online courses?
a) It is quicker and easier than a self-hosted solution.
b) It is free.
c) It is not free as the platform requires membership or a fee.
d) All of the above


1. b

2. a

3. d

4. a

5. c

6. c

7. b

8. c

9. a

10. d

11. d

12. c

13. a

14. d

15. b

16. a

17. d

18. a

19. c

20. d

21. b

22. c

23. a

24. a

25. b

26. c

27. c

28. b

29. c

30. d

31. d

32. a

33. b

34. a

35. c

36. d

37. c

38. a

39. d

40. b

41. a

42. a

43. c

44. d

45. a

46. a

47. c

48. d

49. d

50. a