13. Ways to Promote Your Blog

Having your blog up and running and publishing content regularly is only the beginning. The next part of your work as a blogger will be to promote your blog to the online users. There are numerous ways for blog promotion, and knowing about them will help you create your unique promotion strategy. You will get to choose the promotions that are suitable for your blog, and that will produce best results.


Have extraordinary content

In blogging, it is all about your content. Content is the assets you present to your audience. It is the magnet that attracts recurring visitors. It is the reason they subscribe. Finally, it is the tool you use to build your reputation and influence.

If you manage to create extraordinary content that helps you differentiate from the rest, content that makes a difference, solves a problem and successfully respond to the user query, this effort will certainly be recognized by your audience.

Some common characteristics of extraordinary content include the following features.


Your content needs to be one of a kind. Even if the topic you write about has been covered so many times, you are the only one with your unique perspective. Express your opinion and show your original view that will help you create unique content. Forget about what other have to say about the topic. Your opinion is the one that matters when creating original content for your blog.


When talking about consistency, most bloggers will think about being consistent in publishing regularly. This is one of the common obstacles bloggers face, and yet it is a crucial aspect for keeping your blog fresh and up-to-date.

As much as this is important, consistency in your writing is even more crucial to your blog success. Define your writing style and views and transfer those into blog content. You should not say one day one thing, and then after a month or so claim the opposite. This could harm your reputation and make people doubt your opinions. Instead, form your own opinions and be consistent when expressing them.


Show that you are an expert on the topic. Provide a thorough analysis of the topic, with all the details one might find relevant. This kind of content is known to perform exceptionally well. Online users find it useful, practical and they are more likely to share it.

Be an active member of communities

Blogging has always had that social aspect, so being an active member of the blogosphere is a great strategy to promote your blog. Join blogging communities, collaborate with other bloggers, participate in the discussions on social media and try to create a unique profile for yourself in doing so. This way, you increase your exposure as the blog author. Since you are most likely to have your blog homepage link featured alongside your profile, you indirectly increase the number of people who get to discover your blog.

Promote on social media

This is the number one strategy among bloggers. Almost every blogger uses at least this kind of promotion to reach new users and to share the latest content. To make sure social media promotion works for you, follow these steps:

Choose the social networks

There are so many social networks out there. You cannot and should not be active on all of them. Remember that social networks enable you to promote your content and reach online users who are interested in your brand. Therefore, choose the networks where you are most likely to achieve these goals.

Most bloggers start with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The main reason for this is the fact that these are the most popular social networks at this moment with the highest number of users. However, as you start, you might want to explore other networks as well, such as Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, YouTube, Reddit, Flickr, etc.

Regardless which networks you choose, try to limit your focus on a couple of them. After all, you do not want to spend all day managing social networks. Use statistics and social network insights (if available) to only focus on those that help you promote your blog.

Create recognizable presence

When you choose the social networks where you want to participate, you should try to establish a recognizable presence.

  • Have a profile and cover images that represent your blog
  • Choose a username that matches your blog name
  • Include a link to your blog homepage
  • Provide a brief description, your story, bio, mission, etc.
  • Enable users to contact you (if social network supports this feature)

Ultimately, make sure each social profile represents your blog and invites people to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Share content on social networks

The next step is sharing on social networks. Sharing your content is your top priority. You can share posts immediately, or you can set them to be published using scheduling options. You can do this manually, or you can use social media management tools to automate posting or post on several social networks simultaneously.

To diversify content, you should occasionally share content created by others. This can be a photo taken by a professional photographer. It can be an article that you find to be incredibly helpful to your audience. It can be a motivational video, a podcast, etc. Do not be afraid to share other people’s work. Not only will you maintain the habit of sharing quality content with your followers, but people whose work you have shared might share something of yours or reach out with potential collaboration in mind.

Interact with your followers

Finally, make sure you interact with your followers to establish a relationship with them. The primary interaction you should focus on is on your blog and through email marketing, but interaction on social media can also be helpful. Firstly, people find this way of communicating quite convenient and comfortable. Also, most of this communication will be public, so others can see it and be encouraged to join or to find out more about your blog.

Paid promotion

When you first start blogging, organic reach might grow at a pretty slow pace. The visits are coming, but not as quickly as you were hoping. If you want to speed things up and you have the budget, try using paid promotions to promote your blog:

Search engine ads

Organizing a search engine marketing campaign offers an opportunity to target search engine users. Your ads will be a part of the paid reach, and they will be shown above or next to organic reach. The ads may also appear on the blogs and websites of Google’s partners that participate in Google AdSense program.

Social media ads

Promoted posts on social networks come with a larger reach than organic post shared on your social media profile. Not only does social media promotion increase the reach of your post, but it also helps you target the users who will see your content, including the users who are not necessarily your followers.

Paid collaborations

With this kind of promotion, you pay to another company or blog owner to advertise your blog. They can share your blog article in their newsletter, they can publish your blog banner on their website, etc.

If you decide to use any of these paid promotion tactics, try to plan each campaign in details. You want to make sure that you set up clear goals and that you are managing to achieve them.

Email marketing

To be able to use email marketing for the promotion of your blog, you will need to start building a mailing list. Some bloggers make a mistake of waiting until they have sufficient content or visitors to start creating a mailing list. This is a very common mistake, one which you should avoid.

Start creating your mailing list from the first day your blog goes live. Have a subscribe button that enables visitors to sign up for the newsletter. Offer downloadable materials and other perks to encourage people to leave their email address.

Once you begin collecting email addresses, start sending out newsletter and email marketing campaigns. Use emails as a way to communicate with your subscribers, to offer them exclusive content, content recommendations, share your personal experience they could find helpful. You should also use this communication to find out more about them. This way you build relationship and trust, which will indirectly promote your blog and content you create.

Guest blogging

The process of guest blogging includes creating content to be published on someone else’s blog. It works two ways. You can create content for another blog in which case you are guest blogging. Another blogger or influencer can write content for your blog, so you will be accepting a guest blog post.

The benefit of such promotion is that you get a different audience to see your blog in both situations. When you are a guest blogger, your article will reach new readers who might decide to click on the link to your blog (which you will include in the article). If you publish a guest blog article, the guest blogger will share this article with the followers on social networks or with the subscribers. Again, these might be entirely new online users increasing the exposure of your blog.

To make sure this kind of promotion is something your blog will benefit from:

  • Set up goals you want to achieve with this promotion strategy (increase traffic, get new subscribers, etc.)
  • Determine if the audience that will see your guest blog is really relevant to you
  • Create content that will be engaging and will encourage new readers to visit your blog

Also, being a guest blogger is good for your link profile. When you are guest blogging, the link to your blog will be included in the article or author’s profile.

Blogger outreach

Another strategy that helps with blog promotion, as well as link building is blogger outreach. With this strategy, you reach out to bloggers with a specific collaboration in mind. The ideas for the collaboration include:

  • Asking them to share your article/guide/infographic
  • Asking for an opinion or recommendation about your blog/article, etc.
  • Proposing a guest blogging collaboration
  • Proposing a collaboration idea such as mutual workshop, webinar, etc.
  • Asking to participate in a round-up/survey, etc.
  • Showing interest to interview the blogger

The process of blogger outreach includes several stages, which start with identifying the contacts you would want to work with and ends with a response to your proposal, which can be positive or negative. If the answer is positive, you can create a plan to implement the proposed activity which will mutually promote your blogs to the audience of the other.

Working with influencers

Influencers are people who enjoy significant influence in the online world. They are bloggers, vloggers, business owners, experts, entrepreneurs, etc. The influence they have and their reputation enable them to affect people’s decisions, buying habits, opinions, etc. This is why online influence is such an incredible asset to have.

While establishing your reputation as a blogger, one of your goals could be to become an influencer yourself. Although this goal requires time to achieve, it is a valid strategy to grow and improve your blog.

Try to find an influencer who would be interested in working with you. The joint project could be a collaboration video, a webinar, or any other project that would be an interesting content for your audience. The benefit of this collaboration could be mutual promotion, content that you would not be able to complete without helping each other, etc.

When you first start your blog, not all of these options will be available. For example, email marketing will not get you incredible results, because you are only starting out with creating your mailing list. Time is needed to encourage contacts to subscribe. Only later will you be able to use this to establish the relationship and run high-performing campaigns.

However, knowing about all of these ways to promote your blog from the beginning is very important. You get the opportunity to plan long-term promotion and implement blogging strategy that will enable you to achieve your goals.